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We partner with you to

Deliver Security Operations Visibility, Intelligence, & Response.

At Rook

We live security.

We are a team who eats, sleeps, and breathes security. We have been called experts, gurus, thought leaders, and even security ninjas. While honored, we are simply doing what we love. We are proud to stand between our clients and their adversaries.

The symbiotic relationship between people, process, and technology and the associated controls must be in harmony.

Our Services

We help our clients overcome political, personnel‎, and ancillary technological challenges to solve the root causes to problems, not just the symptoms.

From attack trends to security strategy and news-making breaches, the Rook team provides analysis and commentary to local and global media outlets.

PR Contact: Tim Whitman, Voce Communications, twhitman@vocecomm.com

Today's perimeter doesn't end at the company's physical walls.

There are companies spending millions on security right now and they're still getting infected with malware.

Anyone who connects to the Internet, in one way or another, will be impacted.

We live in a user-driven, technology-adoption curve.

Identify the real issues with simplicity...

It's not enough simply to throw a tool at it to identify the issue; that's only half the battle.

This is how criminals do it. No holds barred. That's why the security consulting world needs to get serious.

The symbiotic relationship between people, process, and technology and the associated controls must be in harmony.

Our Testimonials

  • Rook gets it! They understand IT Security and how it applies to our business. We didn’t just get an audit, we established a competitive advantage.

    EVP, Global Marketing Agency
  • Rook absolutely exceeded expectations. I couldn’t ask for a better engagement.

    CISO, Leading Electronic Systems Programming Company
  • Rook has done a great job of anticipating our needs and being flexible enough to respond to them. They have helped with everything from strategy to budget to messaging, looking at our security needs holistically.

    Dir., Security Operations, IT shared-services for Fortune 500 Corporation

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